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Nicole Blankenship, Rehabilitation Specialist/CMT/CMMT


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Are you looking for complete relaxation?

Relaxation comes not only when stress and anxiety are reduced, but also when tension patterns are released from your body.  This gives your body and nervous system an opportunity to start renewed.  I am adept at providing a soothing massage experience while identifying and releasing your tension patterns so you feel fully relaxed.

Would you like to reduce or eliminate the pain you are experiencing?

Pain and restrictions, whether from sudden injury, over use or chronic patterns just seem to drain away our sense of wellbeing.  Each session I discuss your experiences, progress and identify the sources which are creating your pain to design your treatment plan.  When pain is addressed at the source, the healing is faster and more complete.

I am experienced with creating effective relief for people living with chronic conditions or pain patterns due to overuse/strain.   

Some of the conditions I treat regularly:

  • low back pain
  • chronic tension & anxiety
  • fibromyalgia
  • M. piriformis syndrome
  • carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist & hand pain)
  • migraine
  • neck, arm & shoulder restrictions with associated pain & numbness (thoracic outlet)
  • arthritis
  • injuries; new and old

I also enjoy working with pre & post event athletes along with pre & post surgery clients.





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